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We Provide Holistic, Whole Body Healing Protocols For Lyme Disease Patients From Australia And All Over The World.

Lyme Disease Australia represents a breakthrough in Lyme Disease treatment protocols, that aims to assists patients heal and recover their health using natural, holistic and safe therapies.

Lyme Disease Australia Lyme Treatment Protocol (LDALTP)

Lyme Disease Australia Lyme Treatment Protocol (LDALTP) Our Lyme Treatment Protocol is a carefully planned and structured program that is focused on your long term healing. We have devised this program after over 3000 hours of research in this complicated field of medicine, and after reviewing day-to-day treatments of hundreds of patients suffering with Lyme disease infections. Read more

Whole Body Detoxification Our Lyme Treatment Protocol includes the most powerful Medical Whole Body Detoxification program currently available. Without detoxing your body and removing accumulated toxins healing is impossible.Read more

Whole Body Ozone Therapy Whole Body Ozone therapy is a unique therapy that works holistically to rebalance the body on many different levels. Ozone therapy has been used extensively in Germany and other countries since the 1940s and is a proven, effective and safe treatment. Read more

Lyme Disease Australia

Aims too:
1. Provide up to date information and education regarding Lyme disease in a more complete and holistic manner than the current traditional medical system has allowed.
2. Provide integrative and holistic treatment options for Lyme disease that allow gradual and steady healing on all levels to occur.
3. Allow individuals the right to choose safe and non-toxic options to heal themselves.
4. Provide continuing support and guidance for Lyme sufferers allowing them to recover in their own time and space.