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As a possible Lyme patient you will have consulted with 2 or more doctors before coming to see us. However, you are still unwell, and you have been given a wide range of possible causes for your poor health, with little or no real answers or concrete treatment solution.

You will be reassured to know that with our extensive experience in this field of medicine we are able to provide you with all the answers to the many questions you will have regarding Lyme disease and whether or not it is or may be the cause of your current health problems.

You will also be glad to know that we take the appropriate and necessary actions to identify the cause of your symptoms (whether its Lyme disease or something else), and importantly, we act and use the most appropriate treatments currently available to get you back into good health.

How You Can Benefit By Visiting Lyme Disease Australia

Firstly, our Lyme Doctor is very experienced when it comes to treating this disease – he has been treating Lyme disease patients for several years now, and is actively involved on a daily basis helping sufferers of this condition to get back to normal health again.

Lyme disease is very complex disease process that, despite the widely held assumption that it is caused by one bacteria, has many contributing causes or “triggers” which lead to the often devastating symptoms of this illness.

Lyme disease can lead to a dramatic transformation in a persons life: from a happy, energetic, productive, healthy person one day, to an anxious, depressed, fatigued, painful, twitching, and bed-ridden one the next day.

That is often the picture that Lyme disease will paint into your life in just a short space of time. And for many Lymes sufferers, it is not a pretty picture indeed.

Lyme disease has been called the great imitator or mimicker largely because it can present in a wide variety of manifestations of forms. Many illnesses or diseases have recently been shown to be triggered by or even caused by Lyme disease. The table below gives you an idea of the wide range of diseases that are included in this category.

Diseases Triggered by Lyme Disease

Here some of the other many benefits you will find by attending Lyme Disease Australia:

Lyme treatment


1. Which Tests To Perform and Why

There are many possible ways to test to see if you have Lyme disease – some tests are very useful, whereas others are completely useless. We will direct you to have the very best Lyme testing available in the world- and its NOT available in Australia. There are many tests that are also required as part of your assessment which all necessary to pin point any associated health issues that you may have. We go through everything in detail to make sure there is no missing link to getting you well again.

2. How to Interpret the Testing

Are you positive for Lyme Borrelia infection or negative? What do the results mean? The results for Lyme disease are not a simple “yes” or “no” as there are many factors involved. This is where our experience comes in. We interpret clearly the meaning of your results and give you clear guidance about your illness and where to head from there.

3. Which Treatments Work and Which Fail?

Do I need antibiotics? Which ones? Is oral or IV better? There is much controversy over which treatments work best for Lyme disease infections and which don’t. We have performed hundreds of hours of research on this topic (and still do) and also have hundreds of hours of first hand experience in treating many patients suffering from this condition:
Based on all of this we have found the treatments that are more beneficial and those that are not. Our treatment program is therefore based on what works and what is working, and which produces the least possible side effects.

4. Do You Have a Deficiency in This Mineral?

If you have an imbalance in this mineral you can be more prone to all infections, in particular bacterial infections, including Lyme disease. Deficiency of this mineral can lead to many other health problems, however it is not part of the standard medical testing. We show you the best way to test for it, and if necessary, we then help your body to get back to optimum levels of this important substance.

5. Is Your Immune System Being Suppressed?

Apart from the normal immune system testing we perform another specific test that can show us if a very important part of your immune system is being suppressed or even shut down. If it is your body will find it impossible to clear the Lyme infection. We can identify this problem and then take specific actions to enable your body’s own all-important immune function to wake up and come back to life. This will most certainly help your healing process and your recovery.

Lyme Disease Biofilms

6. Why This Co-Infection May Well Be Even More Common

Than Lyme Disease

There are many possible co-infections that are often transmitted along with Lyme disease infection, and our research shows that one in particular is very common. We offer the best testing to see if you have this, and also screen your symptoms and signs to also see if you have it. This infection is able to “turn off” your bodies own antibodies thereby disabling them allowing the Lyme borrelia bacteria to multiply uncontrolled. If we suspect you have this infection, we take action to treat it appropriately.


7. Why Having This Toxin In Your Body Make Recovering From

Lyme Disease Almost Impossible

Toxic exposure is very common in our society, but our research shows that this particular toxin is causing many serious health issues. It can also mimic many of the signs of Lyme disease, and it can make recovery from Lyme disease almost impossible. We go through your symptoms to tell if you may have it, and then arrange for you to be tested for it. If you do have it, we take action to start clearing it from your body.

8. Why Standard Medical Testing Will Fail To Detect This Deficiency

Lyme disease can and does cause significant endocrine organ imbalance and dysfunction, which then leads to numerous symptoms and signs making the illness so much worse. The problem is that standard testing rarely will detect this specific deficiency and hence it very often goes un-noticed. We can help to identify if you have this present and then act accordingly to rectify it.